NutsDB v0.5.0 发布~

NutsDB v0.5.0 发布



[New feature] Support EntryIdxMode: HintBPTSparseIdxMode

[New feature] Support GetAll() function for all models

[Bug Fix] Fix error too many open files in system

[Bug Fix] Fix constant 2147483648 overflows int

[Bug Fix] Fix when the number of files waiting to be merged not at least 2

[Bug Fix] Fix data pollution when executing the merge method

[Change] Modify Records type && Entries type

[Change] Refactor for tx Commit function

[Change] Update Iterating over keys about README

[Change] Fix some grammatical mistakes about README

[Change] Rename variable for func ReadBPTreeRootIdxAt

[Change] Add issue templates

[Change] Update README && CHANGELOG


这次的变化,主要是增加了HintBPTSparseIdxMode 这个模式,这个模式下,经测试 10 亿条数据,只要 100mb 不到的内存消耗,起因是有个issue, 一哥们说消耗内存太大。


最后,欢迎大家尝试,star 收藏+支持,提 issue,PR 贡献代码。

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