Golang 中国

Robotgo v0.60.0 Mount Olympus: Mytikas 发布了,Golang 跨平台控制鼠标、键盘、位图、屏幕、窗口句柄以及全局事件监听。

项目地址: https://github.com/go-vgo/robotgo


  • [NEW] Add GetBounds func support (add get_client and get_frame C_func)
  • [NEW] Add GetXId and GetXidFromPid func
  • [NEW] Refactoring GetTitle() func allow by pid
  • [NEW] Refactoring CloseWindow() allow by pid
  • [NEW] Add SetHandPid() and GetHandPid() func support
  • [NEW] Add FindCBitmap func support

  • [NEW] Refactoring bitmap example code

  • [NEW] Refactoring key example code
  • [NEW] Refactoring window example code
  • [NEW] Add an cbitmap example [#169]
  • [NEW] Refactoring screen and event example code
  • [NEW] Refactoring mouse example code

  • [NEW] Add more godoc

  • [NEW] Add getTitle example by pid
  • [NEW] Add close window example by pid
  • [NEW] Add getBounds example
  • [NEW] Split func and remove dep more clean
  • [NEW] Simplify SaveCapture code
  • [NEW] Update and merged get_pixel_color remove duplicate code
  • [NEW] Update README.md, add Note go1.10.x


  • [NEW] Update issue template more obvious
  • [NEW] Move public mdata to pub
  • [NEW] Update godoc
  • [NEW] Update CHANGELOG.md
  • [NEW] Move some pub method to pub.h and rename some c_func
  • [NEW] Update code style and name style ( key, window and other )
  • [NEW] Update robotgo unix export getXidFromPid func
  • [NEW] Update set handle return use bool

  • [NEW] Update code style and move scale to win_sys.h

  • [NEW] Update example add more lang
  • [NEW] Update pkg to newest
  • [NEW] Remove duplicate code and old useless code
  • [NEW] Update and clean README.md
  • [NEW] Update CI add go1.11.x version
  • [NEW] Update scroll godoc and clearer parameter name
  • [NEW] Update hint and code style
  • [NEW] Update FindIds doc and only set name once in loop


  • [FIX] Update type_string fixed #155, fixed window missing some character
  • [FIX] Fixed GetWindowText return address of local variable and not use ternary operator ( GetTittle )
  • [FIX] Update README.md Fixed Release badge

See Commits for more details, after Aug 8.

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