Slack 的开源替代品 Mattermost

Mattermost 是一个 Slack 的开源替代品。Mattermost 采用 Go 语言开发,这是一个开源的团队通讯服务。为团队带来跨 PC 和移动设备的消息、文件分享,提供归档和搜索功能。

Slack 是聊天群组 + 大规模工具集成 + 文件整合 + 统一搜索。截至2014年底,Slack 已经整合了电子邮件、短信、Google Drives、Twitter、Trello、Asana、GitHub 等 65 种工具和服务,把可以把各种碎片化的企业沟通和协作集中到一起。


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请问 Mattermost  离 Slack 的成熟度有多远? 如果沿着 Mattermost 开发中文应用版,距离客户认可还有多少距离? 注:这两个都没有安装试用过。 
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Mattermost Licensing


Mattermost server is made available under two separate licensing options:

  • Free Software Foundation’s GNU AGPL v.3.0, subject to the exceptions outlined in this policy; or
  • Commercial licenses available from SpinPunch, Inc. by contacting

Admin Tools and Configuration Files (api/templates/, config/, model/, web/react/utils/, web/static/, web/templates/ and all subdirectories thereof) are made available under:

  • Apache License v2.0


The objective of the Mattermost server license is to require enhancements to Mattermost server be shared with the community while allowing for non-enhanced use in proprietary applications.

Therefore, the Mattermost server is free to use, modify and redistribute in open source applications via the copyleft AGPL license. For proprietary applications (systems that don’t share source back to the community), Mattermost is free to use and redistribute so long as you’re not withholding proprietary enhancements to the Mattermost server and you’re only linking directly to or changing Admin Tools and Configuration Files (defined above), which are released under an Apache 2.0 license, and copyleft free.

We promise that we will not enforce the copyleft provisions in AGPL v3.0 against you if your application (a) does not link to the Mattermost server directly, but exclusively uses the Mattermost Admin Tools and Configuration Files, and (b) you have not modified, added to or adapted the source code of Mattermost in a way that results in the creation of a “modified version” or “work based on” Mattermost as these terms are defined in the AGPL v3.0 license.

If the above is not enough to satisfy your organization’s legal department (some will not approve GPL in any form), commercial licenses are available from


Your use of the mark Mattermost is subject to SpinPunch’s prior written approval and our organization’s Trademark Standards of Use at For trademark approval or any questions you have about using these trademarks, please email


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