Go1.4.1 发布

该版本修复 链接器, log, syscall 和 runtime 包的一些bug。完整的bug记录见github

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Minor revisions

go1.4.1 (released 2015/01/15) includes bug fixes to the linker and the log, syscall, and runtime packages. See the Go 1.4.1 milestone on our issue tracker for details.


cmd/go: unhelpful error message from go get when custom import has moved

doc: install-source.html needs updated instructions.

runtime: SIGPROF arriving on a foreign thread before any cgo call is made will crash the process

log: GC crash using logger in 1.4

runtime: bad pointer due to map iteration

cmd/ld: race enabled binaries are too large

runtime: "fatal error: schedule: holding locks" during runtime.Stack()

syscall: slice bounds out of range crash on openbsd 5.6

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